Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waltham Children's Hospital Commission

May 2011

                                         "Two Horses and Their Friends"
                                                          30" x 48"
                                          Handmade, hand stamped papers,
                                          wall paper, riveted anodized
                                          aluminum, newspaper, paperclips,
     At the beginning of April 2011, I was commissioned to create two pieces, a large fish clock and a 30"x 48" landscape, for the Children's Hospital in Waltham, Massachusetts, and had to take a short break from The Time Project.  The pieces were commissioned for the newly renovated wings of the hospital, which won't be complete until August of this year.  The requirements for the large piece were that it focus on citrus colors, like yellows, greens, and oranges; that it include horses, figures, cats, dogs, birds, and fish, which I added; and that it include some recycle elements.  I added recycled newspaper articles appropriate for children, paperclips, other recycled papers, and recycled house flashing.  Otherwise it could be whatever I wanted it to be.  It was challenging to switch from the elements I've been exploring in the Time Project pieces and return to working with riveted metals.  It was challenging too, to be limited to a focus on those particular colors, and to find ways to give the piece dimensionality.  The image above was taken in the studio before framing, and will be framed by an acrylic "box" before installation. Although it appears flat in the photo, many of the elements are 1/4"- 1/2" in relief, giving it a 3-D effect.  I used five different adhesives, and five different kinds of papers, most of them laminated on house flashing metal.  Experimenting with different adhesives took a lot of time and I logged in many an all-nighter to finish the piece on time.  I was aided by my twelve year old friend, Thalia, who gave great feedback and support, as did Chet, Abby, Will, and Ben Fenton.  Thanks to Wendy Ellertson for her support and assistance in transporting the piece. 
     It was fun and a pleasure to create something that many children will see and enjoy for years to come at the hospital.  I hope they discover new things each time they visit the piece.
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  1. This scene is going to make medical appointments and stays in the hospital in Waltham SOO much more tolerable - maybe even fun! So many stories in there!! Congratulations!

  2. For the village, about the village, by the village!

  3. “It was fun and a pleasure to create something that many children will see and enjoy for years to come at the hospital.”— I agree with you, Sandie. But because of its beauty, some would be curious and make a mistake touching it and it would be ruined. I know it's a bit late, but I wish you displayed it one head higher than the average height of the kids.