Thursday, March 24, 2011


     Last night was a great night at the Stonewall Institute where The Time Project shared dinner and its first year with over sixty guests.  Eleven 2009-2010 Time Project artists shared some of their work itself and through images projected onto a large screen, through readings and comments, and through a short film, created by Time Project member, Marnie White Stanton, of excerpts taken from two of our meetings.  The film gave a glimpse into the interaction and commentary at the meetings that have meant so much to the Time Project artists.  New 2011 member, Beatrice Greene treated us with a performance of one of her original compositions.  The evening ended with a Q&A.  I always learn something new when my fellow, or should I say "sister" time travelers, talk about their work and the Project.  The questions themselves were very thought provoking. Guest, Sajed Kamal said he thought we should show our presentation to young people and those working with them, to show how it's possible to create community in a deeply meaningful way that connects personally and to larger issues that concern us all.  In the end, we had to push people out the door when our time was up.
     Bravo, women of The Time Project, may 2011 be a rich, creative year and may we continue to share our journey in new ways.

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